Meet the Team

Take some time to learn more about our stylists. We belive that every individual should go with the stylist that they are both happy with and well suited to. Our whole team are friendly and skilled hairdressers that know how to have a laugh. Take some time to learn more about us!

Katie (Specialist in color)

Hi I’m Katie; I started my hairdressing career at headmasters at the age of just 16. I have been working at headmasters ever since. I have always enjoyed working here because of the friendly nature and positive ethics towards the community of Cotteridge. I specialise mainly in colour and hair extensions. So if your looking to get a new colour or Hair Extensions I’m your choice. I will always give you my most professional advice and knowledge within hairdressing.

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Gill (Specialist in Perming)

Hello I am gill. In 1980 I started my training in hairdressing and beauty at the food and domestic art college of Birmingham. Whilst taking part in my training, I gained the skills I have used at hairdressers for 19 years! I specialise in; Ladies and men Hairdressing, Cut and blow drying, hair up styles, beauty therapy and I also have a Wella Perming Diploma! I deal with customers of all age groups, but I particularly deal with more mature customers due to being in the industry for many years. It is a good feeling to do someone’s hair and make them feel good about themselves and put a smile on their face – I have made many friends.

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Robert (Specialist in Men’s Hairdressing)

Hello I am rob, director of headmasters. I was trained in hairdressing at the city centre of Birmingham at the food and domestic art college. Further down the line I decided to stick strictly with Gents hairdressing as I enjoyed it more and felt more passionate about it. I have 32 years experience in this industry. I personally believe having a new haircut is like buying a new pair of jeans and you have got to remember that each pair of jeans has a different fit!

I have a close enough clientele where I have developed friendships with my clients. I also believe the barbering environment should be a social one and a great enough experience for men as it is women.

More recently I have won awards with the British Barber Association and the Best British Barber award of 2017

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Paige (Specialist in Ladies and Gentlemen s Hairdressing)

Hello i’m Paige, i started my Hairdressing career at the age of 16 and I’ve been working at Headmasters Birmingham for 8 years, the thing i enjoy the most about hairdressing is making people feel better about themselves by achieving a great look that leaves my clients leaving with a smile.

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